Where Can We Find the Urban Commons?

There already exists a number of small and large-scale urban common pool resources which are being collaborative managed by groups of heterogeneous users who are able to design norms and rules to collaborate, work together, allocate shared resources, and obtain joint benefits from the resource within a collaborative governance structure.  Some examples that have already been examined by scholars include community gardening, neighborhood improvement districts, neighborhood foot patrols, and limited equity housing cooperatives but also sanitation, flood control and other public infrastructures. Each of these institutions involve several stakeholders that interact and collaborate in order to manage crucial assets for the community—parks, gardens, open space, neighborhood safety, housing, etc.— and also to produce socially productive goods that support human flourishing in urban communities.  What other institutions in which public and private actors collaborate might be considered an urban commons institution? What are the research questions and methodologies that should drive examination of these institutions?