Thursday, November 05, 2015

16:00 – 19:30 – Thursday | Pre-registration (Urban Center Bologna, 2nd floor)

Friday, November 06, 2015

8:30 – 9:00 – Friday | Registration

9:00 – 9:30 – Friday | Institutional Greetings: Giusella Finocchiaro, Marco Cammelli, Virginio Merola, Antonio Danieli

9:30 – 9:45 – Friday | Welcome: Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione

9:45 – 10:30 – Friday | Keynote Address: Tine De Moor, President, IASC

How To Be A Critical Scholar Of The Commons? Understanding The Commons In All Their Dimensions

10:30 – 10:45 – Friday | Break

10:45 – 12:15 – Friday | Concurrent Panels

Track 1

(CO-Bologna Room)

The Conceptual Boundaries of the Urban Commons

Chair: Sheila Foster

Maria Rosaria Marella, Urban Space as a Commons

Nate Ela, Reclaiming the Commons: Genealogy of a Sociolegal Imaginary

Ting Xu and Wei Gong, Villages Within the City in China: Transcending the Boundaries of Urban Commons

Track 2

(CO-Palermo Room)

Locating and Managing Urban Ecosystems

Chair: Eleonara Diamanti

Nirali Joshi, Looking Through the Water Glass:  Drinking Water in the Urban Realm of Movement And Rest

Sanchayan Nath, Evolution in Nature of Collective Action around Water-Bodies in Bangalore

Eva Streberová and Tatiana Kluvánková, Ecosystem Services to Govern Urban Commons

Track 3

(CO-Battipaglia Room)

Emerging Commoning Practices and Institutions

Chair: Elena De Nictolis

Giovanni Allegretti and Ilaria Casillo, Tuscommoning: When A Law Promotes A New Culture Of Commoning And Collaborative Governance–The Case Of Tuscany

Penny Travlou (for the unMonastery Athens Team), Jef Andreoni e Katalin Hausel, The Confluence of Urban Commoning: Making Common Space for Nomad Citizenship

Anna Seravalli, Per-Anders Hillgren and Mette Agger-Eriksen, Designing Urban Commons as a Matter of Commoning

Johannes Euler, The Social Practice of Commoning as Core Determinant for Commons

Track 6

(CO-Mantova Room)

Governing the Urban Core as a Common Good

Chair: João Bosco Moura Tonucci Filho

Wout van der Toorn Vrijthoff and Vincent Nadin, The Common Historic Urban Core:  A Reflection of Collective Memory, Window to the Past.

Hanne Van Reusel, Philippe De Clerck, Burak Pak and Johan Verbeke, Commons Josaphat: A Collective Process of Visioning and Place Making To Negotiate the Development of the Josaphat Neighbourhood As A Common

Ina Soetebeer, Potentials and Limits of Urban Commons in the City of Lüneburg

12:15 – 13:15 – Friday | Lunch and Poster Sessions

Coordinator: Paola Cannavò

(CO-Roma Square)

Margherita Mugnai, POP UP LAB – Co-selling and Other Collaborative Strategies for Commercial Spaces in a New Urban Landscape

Deborah Navarra, Mapping as infrastructure of commons

Bronwyn Clement, The Making of a Water Commons

Maria Dolores Sachez Galera, Conceiving Urban Commons as an Empowerment Instrument for Building EcoGreen Governance Worldwide Through the Use of Renewable Energy Resources in Small-Scale Communities

Tatiana Kluvankova, Eva Streberova, Experimenting with Urban Commons SPECTRA and CETIP Network

(Board game as parallel session, CO-Roma Square 13:15-14:45)

13:15 – 14:45 – Friday | Concurrent Panels

Track 1

(CO-Palermo Room)

Conceiving New and Old Urban Commons

Chair: Tine De Moor

Michele Anzalone, Confiscated Criminal Assets as Productive Urban Commons: Legislative Framework Analysis and Collecting Data Method

Nicholas Anastasopoulos, Natalia Avlona, Ex Airports as Metropolitan Commons: Challenges, Opportunities and Contradictions around Three Case Studies

Aiichiro Mogi, Conceiving New Urban Commons to Cope With Aging and Depopulating Society of Japan in the 21st Century

Track 2

(CO-Bologna Room)

Collectively Shared Civic Networks and Maps

Chair: Thomas Lowenhaupt​

Michele Restuccia, Fostering a Civic Network as a Common

Adrien Labaeye and Jon Richter, Crowd-Mapping Alternative Economies: The Transformap Proposal

Paula Segal and Amy Laura Cahn, “There Are 596 Acres of Vacant Public Land In Brooklyn Alone,” And Other Strategies For Making The Potential Commons Visible And Actionable

Track 3

(CO-Mantova Room)

Urban Ecology and Collaborative Governance in the City

Chair: Devanathan Parthasarathy

Matthew Reed, Urban Agriculture: Charting New Democratic Governance for Food Production

Sarah Blandy and Dr. Simone Abram, Collaborative Governance or Common Property? : New Forms for Managing Urban Green Space in the UK

Sanchayan Nath, Collective Action in Urban Social Ecological Systems

Track 6

(CO-Battipaglia Room)

Managing the Public Sector as a Commons

Chair: Luigi Corvo

Cristina Zurbriggen, Reframing Governance in the 21st Century: Co-Creation in Policies and Public Services

Tuula Jäppinen, Essi Kuure and Satu Miettinen, Designing Local reform of Commons with Dialogical Tools

Laura Belik, Urban Commons and Democracy 

14:45 – 15:00 – Friday | Break

15:00 – 16:30 – Friday | Concurrent Panels

Track 1

(CO-Bologna Room)

Urban Green Spaces as Commons

Chair: Paula Segal

Nicole Rogge, Ulrich Frey and Insa Theesfeld, Categorizing Urban Commons: Collective Action in Urban Gardens

Evan Bowness, Urban Green Commons and Food Sovereignty: Insights from the South Osborne Permaculture Commons

Elisabetta Cangelosi,  Urban Gardens, Commons and Communities

Nate Ela, Property Experiments and the Urban Commons: Mapping Chicago’s Farms and Gardens

Track 2

(CO-Mantova Room)

Neighborhood Level Common Goods

Chair: Sheila Foster

Ronald J. Oakerson and Jeremy D.W. Clifton, The Neighborhood as Commons: Reframing the Problem of Neighborhood Decline

Ivan Kucina, Commoning of the Uncommonness: Developing Urban Commons in Post Socialist City

Lorenzo Vidal-Folch, Securing Social Conquests In and Beyond the State: The Case Of Denmark’s “Common Housing”

Track 3

(CO-Palermo Room)

Cities, Collaboration and the Commons

Chair: Daniela Selloni

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, From Conflict to Co-Existence in Contemporary Cities: Human Ecosystems and Ubiquitous Commons

Rebecca Spitzmiller, Challenges and Synergies in Reliance on Freedom of Assembly: Comparative Perspectives

Lavinia Pastore, Enrico Parisio, and Luigi Corvo, Collaborative Spaces as Urban Commons Practices

Track 6

(CO-Battipaglia Room)

Citizens and Civil Society Actors in the City Commons

Chair: Paola Chirulli

Britta Acksel, Future Councils as Collaborative Governance Instruments

Per Johansson, Fredrik Björk and Lars Noväng, Challenging Power In the Public Debate: The Conversation as Commons

Thomas Kaye, The Creation of City-Centre Conversation Spaces to Facilitate Social Cohesion and Combat Mental Health Problems

Hung-Yi Chen, Crowdfunding And Its Interaction With Urban Development

Open Doors

 (Co-Bologna Room)

16:30 – 17:00 – Friday | Keynote Address: Ezio Manzini

Commons and Collaborative Services

17:00 – 18:00 – Friday | Conversation with David Bollier and Michel Bauwens (moderated by Christian Iaione)

Open Cooperativism

18:00 | End of the first day


Palazzo Re Enzo (cultural heritage)
Located at Piazza del Nettuno, 1, Bologna

Saturday, November 07, 2015

9:30 – 10:00 – Saturday | Keynote Address: Silke Helfrich

Imagining the Urban Commons in 2030

10:00 – 10:15 – Saturday| Break

10:15 – 11:45 – Saturday| Concurrent Panels

Track 1

(CO-Mantova Room)

Claiming the Urban Commons

Chair: Anna Simonati

João B. M. Tonucci Filho, Urban Occupations as Urban Commons? Explorations from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Chiara Donelli and Michele Trimarchi, Where Is Berlin? Cultural Commons and Urban Policy Among Real And Virtual Walls

Alberto Cossu, When Hybrid Organizations Rethink Relational Modes for the Commons: The Case of Macao-Milano

Track 1

(CO-Battipaglia Room)

Social Trust, Social Practices, and Institutional Arrangements

Chair: Daniela Festa

Léa Eynaud, From the Field Up: Actors’ Experience of the Commons in a Parisian “Ressourcerie”

Thomas Sauer, Cities as Laboratories of Socio-Ecological Transition: The Transformative Role of Urban Commons

Pierre Sauvetre, Representation Inside Participation: The Democratic Governance Of Urban Commons In Barcelona

Track 4

(CO-Palermo Room)

Sharing, Cooperation, and Commoning

Chair: Ivana Pais

Jeroen Van Beele, Understanding Commons Based Urban Economy, an Axiomatic Approach

Alessandro Merletti de Palo, Maria Gisa Masia, Alessandro Mancinella, Mariangela Nitti, Ilario Tito, Kanwar Ujjawal Singh, Cooperation: Enjoying Collective Intelligence

Guido Boella and Vincenzo Giorgino, First Life, From the Global Village to Local Communities

Track 5

(CO-Bologna Room)

Innovative Social Practices and the Commons

Chair: Thomas Kaye

Christian Mahieu, Stephanie Bost, Sylvain Saudo, Derelict Spaces, an Opportunity for Urban Commons: Experiments Within « Friches » In North Of France

Alice Caputo, Social Impact Bonds to Reorganize the City as a Common Resource

Francesca Battistoni, Paolo Cottino and Flaviano Zandonai, Enterprising the Common Goods: Policy Design Model Beyond The CSR

Giovanni Mazzanti, Giulio Ecchia and Tamami Komatsu, Innovative Partnerships for the Utilisation of Confiscated Assets Previously Owned by Mafias

11: 45 – 12:00 – Saturday| Break

12:00 – 13:30 – Saturday| Concurrent Panels

Track 1

(CO-Battipaglia Room)

Common Pool Resources in the City

Chair: Nate Ela

D. Parthasarathy, Aamchi Mumbai: Capital, Commons, and the City(zen)

Adam Polko, Collective Benefits Generated By Urban Commons: The Case Study of Polish Cities

Burak Pak and Kris Scheerlinck, Learning from the Urban Commons in Flanders and Brussels: Palesthetics

Track 4

(CO-Mantova Room)

Urban Design, Governance, and Sharing

Chair: Christian Iaione

Eleni Katrini, Creating the Everyday Commons: Sharing as a Means of Self-Organization versus Business As Usual

Guido Smorto, Sharing In the Cities: Local Rules for a Global Innovation

Monica Bernardi and Davide Diamantini, Governance Models for Sharing Cities: Seoul and Milan

Track 5

(CO-Palermo Room)

Art, Performance and the Commons

Chair: Chiara Donelli

Eleonara Diamanti, Alanna Thain, and Mayra Morales, Ecologies of Collective Techniques: Art, Protests and Public Space

Alanna Thain, Nomads in a Media Desert: Cinema Out of the Box

Mayra Morales, Bodies Performing the City: The Appearing of the (In)Visible from a Process Philosophy Prospective

Track 6

(CO-Bologna Room)

Social Networks, Collaboration and Democratic Governance

Chair: Pierre Sauvetre

Paschalis A. Arvanitidis and Fotini Nasioka, Urban Green Space As A Commons: Does Social Capital Matter?

Victoria Edwards and Duncan Mackay, Realising an Old Vision for New Urban Commons in Britain

Tatiana Kluvánková, Michal Maco, and Michal V. Marek, Collaboration and Self-governance: A Model of Sustainable Economy?

Letizia Montalbano, City Building: New Language for Old Cities

13:30 – 14:30 – Saturday | Lunch and Poster Sessions

Coordinator: Michela Mauriello

(CO-Roma Square)

Sharon Ambrosio, What Makes A City a Common Goods?

‪Klio Krajewska, 7 Billion Urbanists for Urban Commons

Matthew Bach, Rust Belt Cultural Commons: Activism and Architectural Preservation in Buffalo, NY

Kimura Naoko, Sharing Local Knowledge and Backgrounds in Building Resilience in Sukagawa City, Fukushima, Japan

Vittoria Strazzeri, Urban Commons, A Political Value Review: The Example Of Informal Settlement of Maputo

14:30 – 16:00 – Saturday| Concurrent Panels

Track 1

(CO-Battipaglia Room)

Digital and Communications Infrastructure as Commons

Chair: Eleni Katrini

Amineh Ghorbani, Smart Grids as Common Pool Resources: Managing Electrical Vehicle Charging Through Evolving Institutions

Thomas Lowenhaupt, Identifying and Managing the Emerging City Digital Commons

Kim Yong-Chan, Ji Min Park, Eui-Kyung Shin and Ahra Cho, Communication Infrastructure as Urban Commons: Focusing on Localized Information and Communication Technologies

Track 5

(CO-Mantova Room)

Innovation and the Neighborhood Commons

Chair: Nirali Joshi

Ileana Apostol, Panayotis Antoniadis, The Right to Difference: Socially Integrated Neighborhoods And Cooperatives In Zurich

Francesco Minora, Collective Action And Habitability In Residential Contexts

Betsy Morris, Tiny Home Eco-Villages: A Commons-Oriented Prototype for Sustainable Urban Development

Track 6

(CO-Bologna Room)

Smart Cities, Digital Assets and Commons Governance

Chair: Laura Belik

Nicola Fraccaroli, Communicative Discourse and Public Value in the Smart City: An Analysis

Massimo Canevacci, Communicational Metropolis: Self-Representation, Ubiquitous Subjects, Exact Imagination

Giacomo Pirazzoli, GreenUP – a Smart City

Open Doors

(Co-Bologna Room)

16:00 – 16:45 – Saturday | Closing Presentation and Roundtable Discussion

Bologna, Barcelona and the Scientific Community: Designing the City as a Commons

Matteo Lepore, City Commissioner – Bologna and Miquel Ortega, City Commissioner, Barcelona

Sheila Foster, Christian Iaione, Tine De Moor

16:45 – 18:00 | Closing Ceremonies and Aperitif