The Fordham Urban Law Center is committed to understanding and affecting the legal system’s place in contemporary urbanism. Law is central to almost every aspect of the life of 21st-century cities, influencing critical issues as diverse as the structure of local governance, the regulation of the built environment, and social justice in the urban context.

In turn, the complexity, density, and diversity of urban life shape the law.  Through its innovative programs and in collaboration with its academic partners, the Urban Law Center aims to be a premier resource for exploring the role of law in the myriad challenges and opportunities that face the global urban commons. The Center is dedicated to: examining the role of the legal system in contemporary urbanism; advancing the scholarship, pedagogy, and practice of urban law; and affecting the most pressing issues facing America’s metropolitan areas.

The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) is a nonprofit Association devoted to understanding and improving institutions for the management of resources that are (or could be) held or used collectively by communities in developing or developed countries. IASC’s goals are to encourage exchange of knowledge among diverse disciplines, areas, and resource types; to foster mutual exchange of scholarship and practical experience; and to promote appropriate institutional design.